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Who are we?

AIT, Australian International TESOL.

(Registered Teacher Training) Australia and Vietnam.

What do we do?

Train teachers and prospective teachers with renowned activity based and industry specific teacher training methodology to teach English in Vietnam, Asia and Internationally.

AIT Certify ESL teachers, both Vietnamese and Foreign to teach English in Vietnam.

AIT also provide ESL education consultation services throughout Asia.

Where are the trainers from? 

AIT Trainers are from Australia, United Kingdom, Canada and Vietnam.  

Professionals who have taught throughout Asia and abroad with over 10 years of teaching experience respectively.

Why do I need an ESL certification?  

ESL Certification is a Vietnamese government requirement to teach English in Vietnam.

Do I need a degree to study at AIT?

Prospective AIT students do not require a degree. 

AIT courses do require certain admission prerequisites.  You can find the prerequisites on each AIT course info page.

How long has AIT been operating in Vietnam?

International trainers have collectively been teacher training for over 35 years.

How often are the courses available?

AIT offer day, twilight (evening) and weekend courses monthly.

Where are AIT Teacher Training and

Teaching Assistant certification courses available?

AIT's renowned International training courses are available online or at AIT Training Centres in Ho Chi Minh City and Ha Noi.  Seasonal AIT courses are also available throughout regional Vietnam and selected Asian nations.


Which course should I start with?

Teachers seeking ESL certification must begin with the Essential Teacher Training Course (TESOL Certification).  On successful completion of the Essential Teacher Training Course students' may branch out with selective industry specific Key Skill electives and become more specialised in various areas. Course hours are in accordance with International TESOL requirements.

Undergrad AIT TESOL Course options:

1: AIT TESOL Teacher Training Course (in-class or online).  This is the TESOL certification required to teach ESL.  AIT TESOL course also includes two (2) Industry Key Skill subjects of your choice.

Post AIT TESOL Course options:

1: AIT TESOL Cert II AIT TESOL graduates can upgrade and update their methodologies, in class practices and complete an additional two (2) Key Skill subjects to make a total of four (4) Key Skills.

2: AIT TESOL Diploma (upgrade certification with industry specific Key Skills).  AIT TESOL Diploma consists of nine (9) Key Skill subjects of your choice.

Do you have any specific questions we can help with?

Our friendly AIT TESOL team are here to help you with all the information you need. 

Chat with our AIT team via the online chat or contact the AIT TESOL team.


Begin your journey to inspire, create and motivate your students with AIT TESOL today

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