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Graduation Caps

AIT Professional Diploma

Learn, grow, earn!

Broaden your professional horizons and unlock your earning potential by pursuing the AIT TESOL Professional Diploma. This comprehensive program offers you the opportunity to enhance your skills and qualifications in the field of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).


With the AIT TESOL Professional Diploma, you can elevate your expertise, stand out in the competitive job market, and open doors to advanced career opportunities in the dynamic field of language education. Invest in your professional growth and increase your earning potential with the AIT TESOL Professional Diploma.

AIT provides graduate students with an array of professional industry-focused Key Skill electives to expand their professional expertise. AIT offers nineteen (19) distinctive, industry-designed Key Skills electives to enhance teaching abilities across various aspects of International English education and industry.

To earn the AIT Professional Diploma, students need to choose seven (7) additional Key Skills after finishing the AIT Essential Skills Teacher Training Course, totalling nine (9) AIT Key Skills.


The AIT Professional Diploma program enables you to study these Key Skills at your own pace within twelve months (12 months) of program delivery. You can enhance your career at any time and from anywhere in the world. All assessments for AIT specialised electives are submitted to our Vietnam AIT Academic Department.

AIT Graduate students are not restricted in the number of Key Skills they can study. Each AIT Key Skill is accompanied by an individual study transcript upon submission and successful completion.

All course materials 

Easy-to-access online guides and course materials included

Self Study

Research, study and complete your electives at your convenience over the 12 month period

Industry Upgrades

Industry specific Key Skill elective subjects 


Expand your portfolio of ESL training and education for a variety of employment


Admission Requirements


Have successfully completed the AIT Essential Skills Teacher Training course.

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