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About AIT

Australian International TESOL provide a multitude of professional International TESOL training and certification courses, Teaching Assistant training courses, professional International ESL specification upgrades, business and industry specific career ESL education upgrades, International ESL methodologies, practical ESL implementation, ESL consulting and career opportunities throughout Vietnam and selected Asian destinations.  


AIT TESOL International training courses, programs and business specifications are renown for intensive 

in-class training and practical methodologies and implementation delivered by exceptional International trainers.


AIT's 21st century ESL curriculum has been developed by International ESL professionals with consideration to the continuity of economic and industrial growth throughout Asia with changing demands from both students and teachers of non-English speaking nations.  


AIT continue to evolve and work with the Ministry of Education and Training, Vietnam and with Australia's only 5 star private University, Bond University to provide programs that are comprehensive and that also lead to International higher education.

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Our Mission

AIT is dedicated to help teachers and professionals alike create, inspire and motivate their students and staff in order to provide strong, Internationally qualified teachers, trainers and business professionals of the future.

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Cover the basics.  Get the info you need with our most frequently asked questions.

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Meet the Team

Every great Graduate has a great team behind them.  Meet the exceptional International AIT TESOL team!

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Find where you can attend an AIT TESOL course across Vietnam.

Dream the dream, nurture the dream,



Heather Wright, AIT TESOL Director


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