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Teaching Assistant Course

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Teaching Assistant 

Training Course

AIT TESOL Teaching Assistant Course is designed for those who are new to the world of ESL education and for increasing employment opportunities while you work, study or other. 


This practical methodology and activity based program will enhance your employment capabilities and enable you to assist in the ESL classroom for children, teenagers and adults.  With the correct Teaching Assistant training tools and knowledge you can watch your  students grow with care, attention, understanding and enjoy their classes whilst gaining valuable experience and making an income!

AIT TESOL Teaching Assistant Course is a blend of in class study and homework assignments over the four day/night period. Students are evaluated and assessed throughout the duration of the in class course and will sit an examination on the final day of  the course. Students will also be assisted with employment recommendations.

The AIT TESOL Teaching Assistant course is taught by specialist certified trainers at AIT TESOL Ho Chi Minh City training centre and seasonal courses available for Vietnam regional centres. The AIT TESOL Teaching Assistant course is
delivered in both Vietnamese and English.

Learning goals

  • Facilitate and support ESL teachers and other faculty.

  • Engage ESL students.

  • Facilitate and support ESL activities with reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

  • Become the absolute teaching essential for the classroom.

  • Classroom Management.

  • Behaviour Management.

Teaching Assistant 

Training Course

In-class training

Day, Twilight or Weekend courses available


AIT may assist with employment options or recommendations

Student Support

Student support for your full potential

Course Materials

All course materials included

Earn while

you learn

Flexible course hours allow you to work and study


Continue your AIT TESOL journey with the Teacher Training Certification and more!

Teaching Assistant Training Course schedule 

AIT offer four course schedules that allow you to enhance your career at a time that will suit your schedule and lifestyle.  You can choose from the two Day Courses, Twilight Courses (Evening) and Weekend Courses.

Teaching Assistant Training Course prerequisites

Prospective students are required to:


        Interview with AIT Admission Management

        Sit ESL proficiency test

        Provide Passport / Identification

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