NEW Modular TESOL Certification

You can now study your AIT TESOL Teacher Training course in person but at times that suit your schedule.

What is the AIT Modular Teacher Training Course (TESOL certification)?

Students can now partake in the in-class AIT Teacher Training course one day at a time...

What days will the student study?

The student will start from day 1 of the TESOL course and complete 1 full day.

During lesson planning time in the course the student will observe students in groups preparing their lesson plans. When the student has time to return to study the student must study day 2 of the course. This will continue until the student has completed 6 days of the training.

Which study material will the student receive on the first day of the course?

The student will receive the relevant manual pages taught on the first day of the course from the in-class manual. This will be repeated for each individual class day attended.

When will the student receive the exam preparation manual?

After the student has completed the 6 days of the in-course study the student will be given the exam preparation book to study for 1 week.

How will the student complete the exam?

The student will come to the AIT TESOL office to complete the exam.

Who will be with the student when the student does the teaching presentation?

The student will complete a 15-minute teaching presentation at the next scheduled course graduation.

When will the student receive the two Key Skill electives?

The student will receive the Key Skills of their choice on completion of day 6 in the in-class TESOL course (all course fees being paid).

Where will the student study?

The student will study in the general AIT TESOL courses in each particular 'day' or module they are currently ready to complete.

How long do I have to complete the Modular AIT Teacher Training Course?

Students are to complete the AIT Modular course within a twelve (12) month period from the first 'day' of the course attended.

What is the daily course fee for students?

Course fee is divided into each individual 'day' or module attended.

If the Modular AIT Teacher Training course is the flexibility you are after, contact our friendly AIT TESOL team for further information or view our NEW Online AIT Teacher Training courses that are now available.

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