Meet the Team

Heather J Wright

AIT TESOL Director

Experience: 34 Years training, 18 years ESL teaching and TESOL training in Vietnam.    International TESOL conference presenter.

Academic Adviser, Director of Studies for various Educational facilities in Vietnam. 

Who I Am: Australian – Management trainer.

Philosophy: To nurture and train people to fulfil their Dreams 

Warren Hammond

AIT TESOL Manager & Trainer

Experience: 11 Years of wide-ranging ESL teaching, including 4 years of curriculum design and academic management. Successful creations and facilitation of IELTS test preparation courses. Most notably, all teachings are strongly associated with soft skills.

Who I Am: Australian – Formally in banking, but have always had a passion for soft skills and training others. 

Philosophy: Learning languages is key to unlocking doors to other cultures.

Cao Thanh Huyen

Director, EDUCAP – AIT TESOL Hanoi 

Experience: Over 18 years in education and ESL training sector, including 5 years working at the Vietnam’s National Foreign Language 2020 Project, Ministry of Education and Training (MOET).

Philosophy: Working in education is definitely not a simple job. It is indeed a career, a life long journey - which can only be determined by passion.

Adrian Rodgers 

AIT TESOL Assistant Manager & Trainer

Experience: Over 10 years of experience teaching languages (English / Spanish) to students of all ages and levels, incorporating the use of multiple modern approaches and techniques.

Who I Am: United Kingdom & Spain - Having been brought up bilingual, I realised at a young age how far languages can take you. That is when I decided to advance my teaching career to help others reach their goals.

Philosophy: By trialling different approaches and techniques in the classroom, teachers overcome their difficulties. Sharing everything I have learnt throughout my teaching career.


Su Dinh Khoa (Harry)

 Director, SEM , South Vietnam Provincial AIT TESOL Business Partner.

Jamie Jennings


Experience: 8 Years of ESL teaching, 5 years in Vietnam. Experience of all teaching ages & levels.

Who I Am: From England, UK. Many years working in hospitality plus 5 years as a nurse. I am a real ‘people person.'

Philosophy: All students are individuals and everyone learns in their own unique way. By incorporating multiple methods of teaching, no student gets left behind. My teaching style is highly interactive and fun, believing that a positive mental attitude makes learning enjoyable for all.

Simon Cuccioletta


Experience: Over 5 years teaching experience in Vietnam. Taught various age groups and levels from kindergarten to adult business classes.

Who I Am: Montreal, Canada – Decided that teaching abroad was my dream to pursue and have never looked back.

Philosophy: Teach with love and respect. With this comes the understanding of your responsibilities to your students and a mutual relationship.



Will 2.jpg

Pham Thi Men (Will)

Student Services & Administration

Experience: 3 Years working in International companies as a QA assistant and a technical reviewer. A trainer as well as customer service officer. My newest challenge has been at AIT TESOL as the Teaching Assistant course coordinator.

Who I Am: A ‘tiny’ Vietnamese with ‘formidable’ energy, who strongly loves socialising in international environments as well as event organising to create great spaces and opportunities for networking.


Ngo Minh Chau

Consultant & Administration

Experience: With 4 years teaching experience of with students of various ages, from children to Adults.  I have experience in event planning and administration for Language Centres throughout HCMC.  I am excited to work with all of the students eager to begin their TESOL journey with AIT and to see them achieve their TESOL goals and grow in their confidence and professionally.

Who I Am: A fellow dreamer who enjoys helping others turn their dreams into reality.


Linh Huynh

Consultant & Digital marketing

Experience: A vast background of over 2 years in the International tourism industry, including marketing, e-commerce and sales.  Having worked in multiple areas of the industry it has never been more important to have professional ESL/language skills for International markets and for professional expansion.

Who I Am: If you sleep now, you will dream...If you study with AIT now, you will LIVE your dream!


Adrian Ladd

 AIT TESOL trainer Australia, BEYOND TESOL

Experience: 8 Years of ESL teaching, 6 years in Vietnam and 2 years in Indonesia. Experience of all teaching ages & levels, business and individual.

​Who I Am: From Australia. 40 Years of combined communication experience in hospitality, tourism, training and personal development. It’s all about skill, passion, empathy and persistence.

​Philosophy: I love communicating with my students at all levels and having fun doing it and then watching them grow in skill and confidence to drive themselves to expand into new careers and environments.


 AIT TESOL Online & Digital media content consultant

Experience: 6 Years teaching in ESL private primary & secondary schools, ESL Vocational Colleges and educational voice over artist for DOET and MOET, Vietnam.

Who I Am: Australian - Background in TESOL, ESL teaching and training and film/television production.

Philosophy: If you're bored teaching the content, then your students are definitely bored...  Excite, engage, inspire and open the door to creativity and imagination in your AIT TESOL classroom!  Think 'outside the box' and enjoy every moment you have nurturing minds and lifelong experiences. 

All of us at AIT TESOL look forward to welcome you on professional career journey!

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