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Blended TESOL Certification.
The best of both worlds!

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Blended Essential Skills Teacher Training Course


Now you can study your TESOL certification anytime and anywhere!

AIT offer the Essential Skills Teacher Training Course with a blended learning approach to suit your schedule and lifestyle.

The Blended learning AIT TESOL course is a very popular option for those who like to pre-study the AIT TESOL course materials in their own time and then finish their program with the intensive in-class practical based AIT TESOL course. 


The Blended learning AIT TESOL course is comprised of two (2) components:

1. Pre-study with the AIT TESOL Online materials (in your own time).

2. Complete the Intensive in-class AIT TESOL course (from any of AIT TESOL's Vietnam training centres).


About the AIT TESOL teacher training certification course

AIT maintain regular dialogue with schools, colleges and recruiting agencies throughout Vietnam and Asia to ensure that our programs continue to meet and exceed the stringent demands of International ESL education.

AIT's team of educators have designed an extensive series of educational components for the Essential Teaching Skills Course centred on academia, practical application, multiple areas of employment and preparation for higher education.  
Material covered in the AIT Essential Skills Teacher Training course are the essential core subjects for effective TESOL teaching.  Essential TESOL components of the course are TESOL communication; conversation; listening; speaking; pronunciation; reading; writing and grammar.

Blended Essential Skills Teacher Training Course 


Study when you want 

Pre-tudy at your leisure over a 6 month period

Study where you want 

Upload assignments and presentations from anywhere

Course Materials

All course materials included

Student Support

Student support for your full potential

In-class training

Intensive in-class practical, activity based training course included

2 Key Skills

Enhance your career with two AIT industry specific Key Skill subjects of your choice

Within the Online pre-study and in-class intensive practical activity based AIT Essential Skills Teacher Training course the fundamental ESL skills are then practically applied  through lesson planning; lesson analysis; student demographics; lesson design; teacher preparation; practical subject application and theories; philosophy of teaching; teaching styles and theory based research. 


The comprehensive Essential Skills Teacher Training course cover not only the theoretical teaching aspects and delivery but also the physical, practical and dynamic implementation through International ESL methodologies covering:

On successful completion of the online pre-study TESOL course, the student will receive a certificate of completion.  After successful completion of
1. The Online pre-study AIT TESOL course,
2. The Intensive in-class practical activity based AIT TESOL course and,
3. Completion of the two (2) chosen AIT TESOL Key Skills.
On successful completion of all components the student will receive their AIT TESOL International English Licence, issued from Australia.
  • Conversation

  • Pronunciation

  • Communication

  • Listening

  • Speaking

  • Reading

  • Writing

  • Lesson Planning

  • Teacher Preparation

  • Phonology

  • Linguistics

  • Promoting Dynamic Student - Teacher Interaction

  • Pedagogy

  • Student - Teacher Role Reversal

  • Video Training & Analysis

  • Music, Song & Media for Language Acquisition

  • Teaching Philosophy (Positive Attitude & Humour)

  • English for Special Purposes (Courses & Career Options)

Take your time

The AIT TESOL online certification course allow you six (6) months to complete your Pre-study online TESOL program


AIT TESOL issue your TESOL certification after successful completion of the Pre-study, In-class course and 2 Key Skills, assessment & components

Also included with the Blended learning AIT Essential Skills Teacher Training Course are two (2) of AIT's Key Skills of your choice, from the AIT Professional Diploma program for professional industry upgrades or to transition int the AIT Professional Diploma course.  The two AIT Key Skills are researched intensively and completed in the students' free time.  

Students receive copies of all course materials and are to complete the AIT TESOL course in their own time over a maximum period of six (6) months from date of issue.  All assessment pieces and videos are uploaded and sent to AIT Online for review and grading.  

Blended Learning Essential Skills Teacher Training Course prerequisites

Prospective students are required to:


          Admission interview (online available)

          Online ESL proficiency test

          Provide Passport or National ID

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Study with the best of both worlds with the Blended learning AIT TESOL course today 

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Vietnam enquiries

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