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Online Essential Skills Teacher training Courses

AIT provides the Essential Skills Teacher Training Course with a flexible blended learning approach to fit your schedule.

AIT TESOL offer 2 online certification programs:

  1. Self-Study Online TESOL Teacher Training Course (SSO), and

  2. Online Interactive TESOL Teacher Training Course (OIC).

AIT's educators have created an extensive series of educational components for the Essential Teaching Skills Course, focusing on academics, practical application, and preparation for higher education.

The AIT Essential Skills Teacher Training course covers essential core subjects for effective TESOL teaching, including TESOL communication, conversation, listening, speaking, pronunciation, reading, writing, and grammar.

Home Desk

Online Self Study Course


Now, achieving your TESOL certification is made flexible and accessible from any location!

AIT presents the Essential Skills Teacher Training Course using a blended learning approach, seamlessly merging online self-study with modular learning and assessments. Plus, enjoy the added benefit of a bonus in-class practical, activity-based study designed to accommodate your schedule and lifestyle.

Virtual Team Meeting

Online Interactive Course


Embark on your TESOL certification journey with the expertise of internationally trained and certified teachers, all at your convenience, regardless of your location!

Experience the Essential Skills Teacher Training Course from AIT, delivered through a flexible blended learning approach tailored to accommodate your unique schedule and lifestyle. Connect with a diverse community of peers spanning across the country and around the globe.

The AIT Online Interactive Course seamlessly mirrors the content of the in-class course, ensuring that the term 'Online' does not appear on your AIT TESOL Certificates. Revel in the freedom to learn anytime and anywhere while earning a certification that attests to the quality of in-class training.

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